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New building for scientists is set to be constructed in Labytnangi

The construction is expected to be finalised in 2025.

16 May 2024

Adjacent to the existing facility, a new two-storey building for the science centre will be erected. The building will cover approximately 600 sq m. The building will serve multiple functions; it is planned to accommodate a laboratory and necessary equipment on the first floor. The second floor will provide accommodation for up to 20 guests visiting from various cities within Russia and abroad. This was reported by the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area regional government's press service.

'The decision to expand our facilities has been eagerly anticipated by us. This expansion will significantly enhance our laboratory research capabilities, allow for new equipment installation, broaden our research methodologies and enable us to hire additional staff,' noted Alexander Sokolov, senior researcher at the Arctic Research Station branch of the Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

A contractor has been selected for construction, which is set to commence this year. Additionally, landscaping including lighting installation and small architectural forms will enhance the surrounding area. The commencement of construction on this new building will mark a celebratory gift for the scientific staff on the occasion of the Arctic station's 70th anniversary on 28 May this year. Completion of this project is anticipated next year. 

Staff at the Arctic Research Station are engaged in interdisciplinary studies across northern Western Siberia. Decades of organised scientific expeditions have yielded numerous publications based on their findings. 


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