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Snezhinka Station: the ISS beyond the Arctic Circle

Green energy in the extreme conditions of the Arctic

At the 2020 Arctic Council, Russia presented the project of the Snezhinka International Arctic Station situated in the mountains of the Polar Urals, with 20 permanent employees and 60 guests living and working in its large transparent domes connected by passageways. With the Snezhinka being the world's first fully autonomous scientific station powered by carbon-free energy, they will evaluate the effectiveness of the cutting-edge technology through first-hand use.

Photos from the site:

This ambitious project, developed by a team from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), is to be launched in 2024 on the Yamal Peninsula. By early March 2022, MIPT staff completed surveys at the site of the future station. They studied the ice thickness of Nephritovoye Lake, examined its bottom, and measured the temperature at depth. Water is needed not only for the production of hydrogen but also for domestic needs.

Scientists first explored Nephritovaya Valley in winter and found that at this time of year, the wind virtually makes it difficult to stand on your feet. This means that all the wind turbines that have already increased in number from 5 to 7 will be able to work continuously. The weather in Nephritovaya Valley proved once again that this is the ideal place for the International Arctic Station.