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Year-round supply

AZRF resident has purchased a tanker to provide fuel to companies along the North Sea Route

17.02.2023 // RP-SHIPPING (part of RUSPETROL group of companies), which is implementing a project to develop logistics on the North Sea Route, has acquired an Arctic-class offshore tanker, Kilikia, to carry out uninterrupted deliveries of oil products for customers as part of its northern supply. The tanker will, among other things, transport fuel in the Far East and, if necessary, perform foreign voyages. The 20,000-ton vessel will begin operations in the second half of February 2023. Under an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation (FEDC), a resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) invested RUB 568 mn in the project.

'Our company carries out the wholesale and shipping of oil cargoes, both cabotage and internationally, with its own and leased fleet. As an AZRF resident, we are implementing a project to develop North Sea Route logistics. For this purpose, an ARC5 Arctic-class tanker of 20,000 tons deadweight has been acquired and given a new name, Kilikia. The vessel will be able to provide supplies and transport fuel and lubricants during the summer and winter Arctic navigation period to facilities located along the coastal part of the North Sea Route, including major companies implementing important mining projects for the country, including residents of the AZRF. Along the North Sea Route, in the Far East, it is planned to transport 100,000 tons of cargo per year, and the vessel will be on the route as early as February 2023,' said Alexander Medvedev, General Director of RP-SHIPPING. 

He noted that RUB 568 mn have already been invested in the project as part of an agreement with the FEDC on investment activities in the AZRF.

With the participation of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the FEDC, Sberbank PJSC issued us a loan under a preferential programme aimed at attracting borrowed funds to implement projects for AZRF residents. The amount of the loan represents a substantial part of the total investment in the project. In addition, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic assisted in the purchase of the Kilikia vessel, Alexander Medvedev said.

'Enterprises of the AZRF residents make a significant contribution to the development of transport and logistics infrastructure in the Russian Arctic. Using state support mechanisms, the business is actively implementing 48 logistics and transport projects aimed at establishing ports, warehouses and logistics complexes, maritime and air transport services, and others. Nine of these projects have already been put into operation. These include an aviation company in Yakutia, a cargo terminal in Arkhangelsk and a shipping enterprise in the Murmansk Region,' said Vladimir Gudkov, Deputy Director of the Department for Arctic Zone Investment Projects Support in FEDC.