Investment Portal of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation


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24 December 2020 Chibis: active in the Arctic the benefits of increased investment, despite the pandemic

It makes itpossible to allocate additional resources for the implementation of social tasks in the territory of the Russian Arctic

24 December 2020 Rules for preferential lending to residents of the Arctic zone has been approved by goverment

24 December 2020 A new resident of the Arctic zone will collect feathers and fluff on an island in the White sea

On the island of Lesnaya Osinka in the Onega district will create an ornithological station.

23 December 2020 Strategic project implemented for the Murmansk Region by a new 'Stolitsa Arktiki' ASEZ resident Investment
22 December 2020 The Government Approves the Rules of Subsidising the Companies that Want to Create or Rebuild an Infrastructure in the Arctic Infrastructure