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13 September 2022 Arctic tourism laboratory: experts assess tourism projects in Tersky District and their potential

Эксперты Арктической лаборатории туризма посетили объекты в Терском районе и проанализировали ресурсы для усовершенствования существующего туристского продукта.

12 September 2022 This summer, 127,000 tourists visited the Murmansk Region.

За лето этого года Мурманскую область посетили 127 тысяч туристов.

6 September 2022 Yakutia can increase the share of renewable energy generation in the Arctic to 10% in 2024

The head of the Republic Aysen Nikolayev noted that at the Eastern Economic Forum, the launch of automated hybrid power complexes with a total capacity of 7.2 MW in four remote communities was launched via teleconference.

5 September 2022 A mining and processing plant to be built in the Arctic, based on the Pavlovskoye lead-zinc ore deposit Investment
2 September 2022 Severny Polyus, the world's first ice-resistant platform, has set sail Infrastructure