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Zapolyarye Arctic Holidays

The Arctic in the wintertime: where to go and what to see

Taimyr Taymyr: The Peninsula of the Northern Winds

Why is the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory so different from the other Arctic regions of Russia?

The Taymyr Peninsula occupies a huge part of the area in the northern Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Komi Komi: The Seventh Wonder of Russia in the Middle of the Ancient Taiga

Who protects the 'lungs of Europe'?

The nature of the Komi Republic is so unique that more than two hundred nature reserves and protected areas have been created here.

Yamal Yamal: A Jade Waterfall and Space-like Craters
Nenets district Nenets Okrug: Tundra, Idols, and Sacred Islands

Who built a medieval city in the middle of the tundra

Zapolyarye Unique fauna of the Arctic

Surviving the impossible

The Arctic is one of the few pristine areas that remain on earth, and contrary to expectations it is full of life.

Zapolyarye Northern life rules

The culture of peoples of the Arctic

The cornerstones of the culture of indigenous northern communities are mutual support and environmental protection.

Chukotka Arctic sea hunters
Yamal Reindeer herding in the Arctic

People cannot survive in tundra without reindeer

Murmansk Murmansk: the largest city north of the Arctic Circle

Port city in the ice-free Kola Bay receives cargo and welcomes tourists all year round

Murmansk is the world's largest city north of the Arctic Circle, and one of the largest ports in Russia.

Arkhangelsk Arkhangelsk: the first Russian seaport

An ancient city in the mouth of the Northern Dvina preserves traditions of the Pomor culture

Arkhangelsk played a special part in the Russian history.

Anadyr Anadyr: the eastern outpost of Russia
Nadym and Tarko-Sale The most comfortable cities of the Russian North

Technologies coexist with traditions


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20 October 2020 HCDA: Arctic Employers are Interested in Mining Experts

The Human Capital Development Agency in the Russian Far East and the Arctic is currently finishing an assessment of the need for personnel in the Russian Arctic

15 October 2020 133 Businesses Applied for Residency in the Arctic Zone for RUB 198 BN

Five businesses have already been granted resident status

14 October 2020 RosGeo Completed Works to Determine the Outer Border of Russian Continental Shelf

This was necessary for justifying the outer border of the Russian continental shelf in front of the UN Commission

12 October 2020 Rosneft Begins Engineering and Geophysical Surveys in the Eastern Arctic Oil
9 October 2020 A Draft of the Support Programme for Small Indigenous Communities in the Arctic Has Been Prepared Economy