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Greenhouse Conditions

A small vegetable-growing business proves that anyone can make a profit working in an Advanced Special Economic Zone (ASEZ)

24.03.2022// A small business set up by the Chukotka businesswoman Antonina Kadoshnikova from Anadyr is a striking example of how working in an ASEZ can be profitable. She has become a resident of ASEZ Anadyr, received funding, built a greenhouse and started growing cucumbers.

In August 2019, Kadoshnikova signed an agreement with Far East Development Corporation JSC and became the 48th resident of Chukotka ASEZ. The businesswoman decided to build a farm complex and supply the region with fresh vegetables, eggs and poultry. 

All these products are mainly imported to the peninsula, which affects both, price and quality. Kadoshnikova decided to start with vegetables, specifically with cucumbers and herbs. As a resident of the ASEZ, Antonina could lease at preferential price a thousand

After installing a polycarbonate greenhouse, she quickly received the technical specifications for connection to the electric grid. She decided to use a boiler and jet heaters as additional sources of heat. She then bought some soil and planted the first vegetables. She collected her first harvest, weighing 284 kg, in January 2022.

So far, greenhouses occupy only 1/10 of the site – 100 square meters. m. From this relatively small plantation, the entrepreneur receives about 20 kg of cucumbers daily. She implements the delivery herself. The cost is 550 rubles. Kadoshnikova's example clearly shows that the forecasts of the Minister of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East Alexei Chekunkov have come true. A year ago, in spring 2021, Chekunkov said: "With such prices for vegetables, any support measures should affect the final cost of products," it turned out to be right.

Investments in the project amounted to RUB 2.16 mn. Most of it Kadoshnikova received from the government under a state support programme for new small businesses.

'We have decided to start out with cucumbers. Over time we plan to expand, build new greenhouses and grow tomatoes, onions and herbs,' says Antonina Kadoshnikova.