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The reconstruction project of Beringovsky seaport in Chukotka approved

A favourable opinion on the reconstruction project of the Beringovsky seaport located in the Ugolnaya Bay in Chukotka was issued by the Glavgosexpertiza.

8 November 2022

The modernised port will be able to receive up to 85 vessels a year and will have an annual cargo turnover of 2 mn tons of coal, the authority said on 8 November 2022. Alexander Stotsky, General Director of the Project Office for Arctic Development, writes about this.

During the reconstruction, there will be built an approach channel, equipped with engineering networks, equipped with navigation support and transport safety systems, repaired the berths. Also, the port will have an infrastructure for collecting and cleaning stormwater. The project was developed by the specialists of the Moscow Research and Production Corporation 'MortransNIIproject.'

The Beringovsky seaport, founded in 1941, retains its economic relevance in light of the development of the nearby field Fandyushkinskoye Pole, where a project to increase coal mining and the creation of a coking coal enrichment plant has been underway for several years. The reconstruction will significantly strengthen the economic prospects of both the seaport and the adjacent areas of the district, 'tied' to the territory of the Chukotka ASEZ (former Beringovsky ASEZ).


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