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The film project about light-houses and light-house keepers has become the winner of the Arctic Pitching in Arkhangelsk

The filmmakers will receive RUB 300 thousand

10 December 2021

The project about the light-houses of the White Sea and their keepers has become the winner of the Arctic Pitching (presentation of ideas to attract investors) held in Arkhangelsk as part of Arctic Open, the 5th International Film Festival of the Arctic Countries, Anatoly Konychev, chairman of the Arkhangelsk rep office of the Union of Russian Filmmakers, told Tass (a Russian news agency).

'The first prize of the Pitching was awarded to Pomorye's Light-Houses project; screenwriters Roman Shakirov and Alina Kargopolova (Arkhangelsk). The Arkhangelsk trawl fleet will grant RUB 300 thousand for implementation of the project. The film is about the keepers of light-houses, tough men, true Pomors with a lot of character. They come across as very stern but behind this wall, you'll find a sensitive soul that has been reflected in their everyday life,' Konychev said.

A total of 25 applications were received, out of which only ten were shortlisted. Konychev pointed out that this year applications for short documentaries and popular science films were accepted for the Pitching.

The Pitching jury noted The Master of Tundra project, screenwriters Alexandr Krasnovsky, Sahamin Trofimov, director Alexander Krasnovsky, producer Sahamin Trofimov (Yakutsk). Technical support for the project will be provided by Canon. The film is dedicated to the Sleptsov family. Ruslan Sleptsov, 20, has been observing the life of polar bears on the Bear Islands. Vyacheslav, Ruslan's father, is a state inspector (ranger), also working on the islands. Ruslan's son, Nikita, is getting ready to take over the helm when his grandfather retires.

The Ministry of Culture of the Arkhangelsk region granted 150 thousand roubles for The Vladimir Rezitsky project. The Soul Must Be Working Ever, screenwriter and director Spartak Rezitsky, producer Valera Rezitskaya (Arkhangelsk). The film will be dedicated to the life and career of Vladimir Rezitsky, a legendary musician from Arkhangelsk and the founding father of Soviet free jazz. In 2021, the International Days of Jazz, a festival he organised, celebrated its 39th anniversary in Arkhangelsk.

Arctic Open, the Fifth International Film Festival of the Arctic Countries is being held in Arkhangelsk from 9 to 12 December. Applicants from 98 countries submitted their requests; 50 films were shortlisted.


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