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Reindeer Population Grew by 5.8% in the NAA

The total increase in the herd size across all reindeer farming establishments was 10,000 animals.

21 March 2024

The Governor of NAA reported on the practical outcomes of implementing programs aimed at promoting reindeer and cattle farming. This information was reported by the NAO Government's press service.

The reindeer population in the region's reindeer farms has risen by 5.8%, equating to an increase of 10,000 animals. There has also been an increase in the amount of venison harvested. Following the last slaughter season, the plan was surpassed by 8%.

"We have ensured a place to store the meat by gradually upgrading the refrigeration units of Myasoprodukty JSC. Overall, the company is prepared to accept up to 800 tons of raw stuffs. Furthermore, all our facilities use Freon — we have stopped using toxic ammonia," noted Yury Bezdudny.

The governor identified the main achievement of the systematic support for the industry as the increased earnings of tundra workers. Over the past two years, the average wage in reindeer farming establishments has risen by 35%. Reindeer farming is a traditional economic activity that involves the indigenous minorities of the Nenets Autonomous Area.


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