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From Khatanga Straight to the North Pole

11 March 2022

A new agreement on tourism development cooperation in the Arctic region, signed by Governor of the region Alexander Uss, General Director of Barneo Alexander Krasnoperov and Chairman of the Krasnoyarsk regional branch of RGS Igor Spiridenko at the XVIII Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, will allow travellers to go from the Khatanga airport straight to the North Pole.

The unique geographical location of Khatanga village allows you to create a base for domestic and inbound tourism, as well as scientific research of the Arctic. The route "Hatanga - North Pole" is the shortest and most convenient.

It will take only a few hours to get from Khatanga to the Barneo drifting base by plane. Here, travellers can spend several days getting acquainted with the harsh and stunningly gorgeous Arctic nature, having an unforgettable experience in the safest and most comfortable conditions. To date, Hatanga is actively preparing for tourist flow.

Earlier, a new air terminal building was opened in the village, while today, there is an undergoing reconstruction of the local hotel. In 2021, the Development Agency of Norilsk organised training and certification of 22 Khatanga guides as part of the Taimyr Hospitality quality system's implementation.

We note that the rural settlement of Khatanga is included in the tourist and recreational cluster "Arctic," created on the initiative of the Norilsk Development Agency. Today it includes 70 investment projects. 

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