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Arktika nuclear-powered icebreaker escorts Vladimir Voronin LNG carrier through challenging sections of the NSR

In the Laptev Sea and in the Vilkitsky Strait, ice thickness ranged from 70 cm to 1.5 m.

13 January 2023

In the eastern part of the Laptev Sea, north of the Novosibirsk islands, Atomflot's (part of Rosatom State Corporation) universal nuclear-powered flagship icebreaker (UNPI) Arktika took the Vladimir Voronin LNG carrier under escort on 6 January 2023. On 9 January, in the vicinity of Russky Island in the Kara Sea, the escort was completed. The nuclear-powered icebreaker ensured the vessel's safe passage through the difficult sections of the North Sea Route (NSR), the Laptev Sea and the Vilkitsky Strait, Atomflot's press service reports. PortNews writes about it.

'Despite the difficult ice conditions, the average speed of the icebreaker escort was about 10 knots,' said Leonid Irlitsa, Acting General Director of FSUE Atomflot. 'In the Laptev Sea and in the Vilkitsky Strait, the ice thickness was between 70 cm and 1.5 m. The professionalism of the crews of the Arktika nuclear-powered icebreaker and the Vladimir Voronin LNG carrier helped to ensure safe passage through the entire route, while the lead ship of Project 22220 once again confirmed its exceptional technical characteristics.'

During the voyage, UNPI Arktika received regular information with sailing recommendations from specialists from the FSBI GlavSevmorput. This allowed the fleet to react quickly to changes.


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