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An AZRF resident sends the first batch of live Kamchatka crab from Murmansk to China.

Despite challenging economic conditions and logistical challenges, Russian Arctic fishermen are exploring new avenues for exporting crab products.

22 August 2023

Specialists from the Antey Group have created a unique logistics system for exporting live crabs. These seafood delicacies can make it to the tables in Shanghai and Beijing in 5-7 days from their origin in Murmansk.

Azamat Yusupov, Vice President for Development of New Technologies and Trade at Antey Group, states that the logistics chain for live crab is quite complex and expensive, but meticulously planned. Every stage has been rigorously tested to ensure that only the highest quality live crab reaches the consumers.

In the current economic environment, the experience of Antey Group, which includes Antey North – a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) – has proven to be cutting-edge. The Group mastered multi-modal transportation via the Northern Sea Route, as well as by road, rail, and air. The new logistics chain has established a direct corridor between Murmansk and countries purchasing live crab.

"To meet the demand for crab in the Asia-Pacific region, the Arctic resident company is actively modernising its fleet and ramping up capacity, thanks to government support. This spring, the investor upgraded and retrofitted the "Murman-2" vessel for crab fishing, adding a modern factory for producing frozen precooked food items onboard. The project was not a part of the investment quota programme, which further highlights Antey Group's commitment to fleet renewal. Antey is the first company to successfully redirect crab exports from the Northern Fishery Basin to the Asia-Pacific Region and deliver crabs alive via the Northern Sea Route," commented Dmitry Klyuneev, Director of the Fishery Development Department at FEDC.


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