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Yesterday's soldiers are offered jobs at leading enterprises in the Arctic and the Far East

7 june 2022

07.06.2022 // Where can I work to get a decent wage, and even career growth prospects? This is the question many conscripts who are completing their military service ask themselves. One of the most promising options is to go to the Far East or the Arctic. The Far Eastern and Arctic Recruitment Project helps find a suitable job with a guarantee of employment at a leading company.

On 2 and 3 June, Moscow hosted the first Social Problem Solving Forum, organised by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. As part of the "Career and Employment Today: Growth Points" session, the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation presented its work to provide these macro-regions with competent specialists.

"Today, providing residents of advanced special economic zones (asezs) and free port of Vladivostok with qualified personnel is the key challenge and the most interesting task," says Elvira Nurgalieva, First Deputy General Director for Social Development of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation.

Elvira Nurgalieva separately noted the success of the Far Eastern and Arctic Recruitment Project. It is designed for young men who are completing their compulsory military service or have recently been discharged. Those of them who have already received an education, but have not yet had time to put it into practice, are given the opportunity to apply what they've learned in the Far East or in the Arctic.

Photo: Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East

Project participants include leading enterprises of the Far East and the Arctic, such as Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company, Siberian Coal Energy Company, MMC Norilsk Nickel, MC Kolmar, and Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshensk.

"The stakeholders of the Arctic Recruitment are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense of Russia, but most importantly, employers and the soldiers themselves. A lot of army conscripts are college graduates. Often in the course of their service, these young people forget their civilian competencies and lose touch with their old profession. The project provides an opportunity to bring them back on track and resume their professional development," said Hasan Hasanbalayev, director of the Human Resources Development Department of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation.

Initially, the project was called the Arctic Recruitment; the decision to extend it to the Far East was made when it proved its effectiveness. In a short period of time, more than 4.5 thousand people were told about employment opportunities in the Arctic, and almost 40% of them responded. The goal for 2022 is to scale the recruitment manifold, and first and foremost expand the scope of work with military personnel. An equally important task is to get more companies to participate in the project.

"We expect employers to become more involved and take action: send their employees on informational trips, create additional social packages for the young people participating in the programme, develop targeted onboarding," notes Elvira Nurgalieva.

Photo: Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East

The estimated duration of the project will be 3 years. To achieve the goals stated in the Strategy for the Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation up to 2035, approved by the President of Russia, it is necessary to attract at least 10 thousand people to the region every year.

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