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Arktika and Sibir: the performance of the new icebreakers in the winter of 2021–2022

The first two Project 22220 vessels have already proved a worthy addition to the Russian icebreaker fleet

16 march 2022

The icebreaker Arktika and the first production icebreaker Sibir were able to prevail over the powerful Arctic ice in winter 2021–2022 and win the battle against most severe weather conditions and difficulties in shallow waters.

The icebreaker Arktika successfully escorted three vessels — Yuri Arshenevsky, Engineer Trubin and Polar King — to Chukotka. These dry-cargo ships delivered the necessary construction materials and food to the peninsula.

In February 2022, the icebreaker led a caravan of ships from Chukotka in the direction of the port of Arkhangelsk, an unprecedented case in the history of Arctic navigation. The nuclear-powered vessel paved the way for the Arc5 ice-class vessels Engineer Trubin, Polar King and the nuclear-powered container ship Sevmorput.

On 24 December 2021, Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg ceremonially handed the nuclear-powered icebreaker Sibir over to Atomflot. The ship had previously escorted the motor ships Turukhan and Tersky Bereg in the Barents Sea and led them to the port of Dudinka. Having left Turukhan at the entrance to the Yenisey Bay, the icebreaker guided Tersky Bereg to the mouth of the Yenisey River. On 1 February, Sibir completed its first passage.


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