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Yakutia to extend Arctic medicine pilot project to industrial areas

The project was created on the initiative of the region's head, Aysen Nikolayev.

7 June 2023

A pilot project for a new model of organising primary specialised medical care, involving examination of residents of the Arctic zone in Yakutia by mobile medical teams, is planned to be extended to industrial areas and hard-to-reach settlements. This was reported by TASS, citing the press service of the regional government.

The project, based on a combination of telemedicine and outreach work by doctors, was launched in Yakutia in February this year. It will make it possible to provide medical care throughout the year in remote communities that are far from the centre and some of them can only be reached by air.

The project covered all the Arctic regions of Yakutia, and 15,000 people were examined, resulting in some 1,000 people requiring additional in-depth examinations and treatment of identified diseases.


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