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Vladimir Putin Gives a Number of Orders Regarding the Development of the Arctic

The Russian president has ordered to provide Arctic residents with social infrastructure. All the necessary arrangements should be made by 1 December.

23 May 2022

Following a meeting on the development of the Arctic on 13 April, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the government to come up with a set of measures for providing Arctic residents with infrastructure, says the Izvestiya newspaper citing a message on the Kremlin website dated 22 May. The measures are to be provided by 1 December.

By 1 August, the president has ordered to determine the terms and volume of icebreaker deliveries for the North Sea Route. In addition, by 1 March, the government should amend the law to place the power to manage the North Sea Route and control navigation in its waters in the hands of ROSATOM State Corporation.

By 1 July, it should be ensured that the construction, testing and commissioning of the ice-resistant self-propelled platform North Pole will be finished in 2022.

By 15 June, the government should submit proposals on subsidising interest rates on loans taken out to deliver products (goods) to the Far North and regions assigned a similar status, if said products (goods) have a limited delivery window.

Moreover, the government should also consider using federal budget funds to compensate small and medium-sized businesses involved in priority investment projects in the Arctic half of the interest rate on loans secured to supply goods, perform works and provide services under said projects.

The government is to report to President Putin by 15 June. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has been appointed the person responsible for the execution of the orders.

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