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Ural nuclear-powered icebreaker has left for sea trials

The Ural, universal nuclear-powered icebreaker, project 22220, under construction at Baltic Shipyard, St. Petersburg, has begun its sea trials.

18 October 2022

Over the next three weeks, the shipyard's delivery team and representatives of contractors will be testing the machinery and equipment of the nuclear-powered vessel. In particular, the reactor and steam turbine units, the ship's electric propulsion systems, shaft lines and deck machinery will be checked. The icebreaker's speed and manoeuvring characteristics, the ship's service systems, automation, navigation and communication systems, as well as the operation of the helicopter system, will be tested. Alexander Stotsky, General Director of the Project Office for Arctic Development, writes this, citing the press service of the Baltic Shipyard.

Recall that the Ural is the icebreaker, the second serial one and the third one of the advanced domestic project 22220 (the first was the nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika, the lead ship of the project, while the second was the Sibir). It was laid in July 2016 and launched in May 2019.

The start of testing actually means that work on the nuclear-powered icebreaker has reached the finish line. They will allow to test the vessel's basic performance characteristics and identify possible shortcomings. And once the latter have been resolved, the vessel will be handed over to the customer—according to the plans announced, it is expected in November this year.


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