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The number of coaster voyages on the North Sea Route will double in 2023

Four voyages are planned for this year.

2 March 2023

According to a presentation by Gadzhimagomed Huseynov, First Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic, which he made on Thursday at the 8th International Conference 'Arctic 2023,' four voyages will be scheduled to operate on the NSR. "The plan for 2023 is four voyages, 20,000 tons of cargo,' the presentation said. writes about it.

Last year there were two voyages, from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. 8,500 tons of cargo have been transported, TASS notes.

The subsidised coaster voyages are implemented under the federal project 'Development of the North Sea Route', part of the Comprehensive Plan for the Modernisation and Expansion of Trunk Infrastructure.

Earlier, Vladimir Panov, Rosatom's special representative for Arctic development, presented plans for the development of the North Sea Route and the Russian icebreaker fleet. 

To ensure year-round navigation in the eastern sector of the North Sea Route, he said, five nuclear-powered icebreakers are expected to be positioned no more than 500 nautical miles from each other.


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