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The first marina for yachts and boats in Murmansk was initiated by an AZRF resident

The new establishment is situated in the Kola Bay area.

8 November 2023

A yacht club in Murmansk was launched by Energokonsultant, a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF). Investment in the project, in agreement with the Far East Development Corporation (FEDC), totalled RUB 11.5 mn.

The yacht marina, spanning an area of 3 hectares, is designed to accommodate 16 boats up to 20 metres long and will operate year-round.

'We've constructed a dock and pier, beautified the area and installed lighting and surveillance systems to fully utilise the potential of the coastal zone. The location is quite advantageous, being a secluded cove. There were no such year-round facilities for yachtsmen in Murmansk before. We have already signed our first contracts with boat owners. We plan to increase the number of equipped spots for storing small vessels, establish leisure areas here and continue developing the project,' shared Roman Berezhnoy, Director of Energokonsultant LLC.

The AZRF resident believes that the yacht marina will attract locals and tourists to a new form of recreation, unite yacht and boat owners and promote sailing and motorboat sports in the Murmansk Region. 

In total, according to the FEDC, over 670 AZRF residents are implementing investment projects worth approximately RUB 825 bn, creating more than 25.6 thousand jobs.


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