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Situation on the Arctic Job Market Stable amid Combating the Spread of Coronavirus Infection

In the Arctic regions, unemployment does not exceed 3% on average, which is lower than the national average.

10 July 2020

Thus, by early July, the unemployment rate in Norilsk is 2%, which is lower than in all Arctic territories and across Russia. The city-forming enterprise of the territory works steadily, as normal. The business units of Norilsk Nickel employ most of the city residents of working age. In addition, all sectors of the economy have registered no cases of a mass dismissal of workers, the public sector functions steadily.

A similar situation is observed in the job market in Yamal: the number of unemployed tends to grow, as it is countrywide. The number of unemployed in comparison with 1 April increased by about 2.8 times, up to 6 thousand people. The unemployment rate is 1.9%; this figure has increased slightly, but still remains one of the lowest among the federal subjects of the Russian Federation.

In the Arkhangelsk Oblast, unemployment is also growing: early in the year, about 9 thousand unemployed were officially registered in the Oblast, the unemployment rate being 1.6%. Currently, over 21,000 unemployed are registered, and the unemployment rate is 4.1%.


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