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Shpil 555, the first eco-industrial tourist route, opened in Nickel

The opening of the first eco-industrial tourist route 'Shpil 555' took place in the vicinity of Nickel.

10 October 2022

Experts from the Arctic Tourism Laboratory took part in the event. They assessed the industrial part of the tour—the Kaula quarry—and studied the information facilities and the level of difficulty of the route. This is what the press service of the Murmansk regional government tells us.

The finish point—the observation deck at the top of Syaryaslaki Mountain—is named 'Shpil 555': its popular name is Shpil ('spire') and it is 555 metres above sea level.

The industrial part of the route, 7.5 km long, runs through the territory of a closed nickel-copper quarry, technological sites and overburdened rock piles. The natural part runs through the Pechenga tundra, the treeless Tunturi hills.

At the foot of Syaryaslaki Mountain, work is nearing completion on setting up a campsite for 25 people with a well-equipped campfire area, a large shelter with a table and benches and a toilet.

The trail from Shpil Mountain runs to the Kola Superdeep Borehole, making it possible to reach and see this iconic place from one of the highest peaks in the Pechenga district.

The tour concluded with a working meeting at the Second School Social Projects Centre, which included a presentation of the project's opportunities and tourism development in the mountainous and industrial part of the municipality.

'The route is equipped to meet the increased demands of tourists. The infrastructure created allows not only to see the unique objects and get the necessary information but also ensures the safety of visitors,' said Alexander Eliseev, Chairman of the Murmansk Region Tourism Committee.

Residents and visitors to the region can visit the first industrial and ecological trail in a snow-free period.


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