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Russian researchers set out on a trip to find rare books in the languages of the peoples of the North

Some of the routes with the participants in the Arktika-East-77 expedition will also be travelled by staff from district libraries.

13 June 2023

Moscow Arctic Library No. 77 has opened the country's first scientific terminal for rare language books. The repository houses more than a hundred books, audio and video materials that scholars, teachers and language activists can work with remotely or in the library's reading room. This was reported by the Northern City portal.

The terminal will be filled with materials from the personal collections of specialists, as well as materials from expeditions to collect rare books and contemporary content in the languages of the peoples of the North.

The first of these, Arctic-East-77, will start on 15 August, at the initiative of Moscow Arctic Library No. 77. Over the course of a year, the expedition will travel from the west of the Russian Arctic to the Far East.

Participants in each phase will prepare a report to the RAS on the results of their research, and the books, texts, audio and video content discovered will be sent to the Moscow library for placement in the Rare Language Terminal.


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