Investment Portal of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Rosmorport has secured a communication channel for the navigation of gas tankers in the Arctic.

Data from radio-navigation equipment and the automatic weather station is now relayed to the control centre in Murmansk promptly and in high quality.

9 September 2023

MegaFon has constructed a secure 50-km communication channel for FSUE Rosmorport, designed for the transmission of radar imagery and meteorological data. The consistent signal and uninterrupted data flow now enable the monitoring of gas tanker safety as they navigate to the floating gas storage facility in the Murmansk Region. This information is reported by the Energyland portal.

The network's data transmission speed reaches up to 500 Mbit⁄s. This stable communication signal allows for real-time monitoring of navigation conditions and maintaining radio contact with vessels, facilitating prompt decision-making and ensuring safe navigation. Vessel traffic management operators can now conduct round-the-clock surveillance of navigational conditions in the water area, assisting gas tankers in safely approaching the terminal with floating gas storage facilities for loading and unloading operations.

The terminal located in the Ura Bay of the Barents Sea is purposed for the transshipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Raw materials are transported from Arctic deposits by ice-class gas tankers all year round. The LNG is temporarily transshipped from these tankers to floating storage facilities or directly transferred to conventional vessels for onward transportation using a 'ship-to-ship' method. The terminal is equipped to accommodate up to 600 tankers annually.


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