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President Putin Congratulates Russian Polar Explorers on Their Professional Holiday

The president of Russia noted the impressive achievements of Russian Arctic polar explorers at high latitudes.

21 May 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian polar explorers on their professional holiday, noting their impressive achievements in the development of high latitude environments, says RIA Novosti citing a statement on the Kremlin website. This year, Russia will celebrate Polar Explorer Day on Saturday.

The head of state reminded everyone that the world's first drifting station North Pole-1 was launched exactly 85 years ago. "In the time that has passed since then, several generations of geologists, meteorologists, pilots, sailors, and builders have worked selflessly to help Russia achieve impressive success in high latitude environments," says the congratulatory message.

The president also noted that a new, breakthrough era of Arctic exploration was about to begin with the construction of a unique ice-resistant self-propelled platform North Pole. The platform will allow to conduct full-scale scientific research and collect valuable information about the state of the Arctic environment and prospects for the development of the North Sea Route. The government is also designing a state permafrost monitoring system.

"Russia is systematically increasing its presence on the White Continent. The Russian Antarctic Expedition currently comprises five year-round stations, seasonal field bases and several research vessels. Our only inland station, Vostok, is creating a state-of-the-art wintering complex that will provide Russian scientists with comfortable living conditions and will help them to successfully implement important geophysical, glaciological, medical and other programmes", adds the congratulatory message.

President Putin also wished Russian polar explorers professional success, good health and prosperity.

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