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New Wild Tea Varieties to be Produced in Yamal

Yamal teas are available for purchase in stores located in Salekhard, Noyabrsk, Nadym and Novy Urengoy.

10 August 2023

A year-round facility for producing branded pressed tea from willowherb and berries grown in the Yamal tundra has opened in Salekhard. A district grant aimed at developing small businesses helped to reduce costs associated with constructing the facility and acquiring new equipment. This was reported by the Government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area.

The First Yamal Tea Manufactory will soon offer over 30 varieties of branded and souvenir teas. To facilitate production, a modular workshop was acquired. The workshop is equipped with machinery for wilting and shredding tea leaves, a roller for twisting, a steam processing unit, a sorting machine, as well as a press and mould. Particular attention should be given to the manual machine used for measuring and packaging tea into membrane-sealed cups. 

‘The new workshop will enable an all-year-round work. The equipment will contribute to an increase the production volumes at least three times,’ claimed Natalya Kotlyarova, the leader of the First Yamal Tea Manufactory.

The Yamal Government is systematically making efforts to assist farmers and enhance the regional agro-industrial sector. Local agrarians can avail of development grants, preferential loans and subsidies for equipment upgrades and production costs, which include labour, utilities and veterinary services. Details on assistance programs for agricultural producers in Yamal are available on the website:


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