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New series of diesel icebreakers to be constructed for the North Sea Route

One icebreaker is estimated to cost RUB 30 bn, but it's possible that the price may increase during the construction process.

3 November 2023

The Rosatom State Corporation will commission the construction of a new series of diesel icebreakers with a propeller power of 40 MW. The laying down of the first icebreaker is planned for 2024. Rosatom has plans to construct four icebreakers based on a single design. The technical design process is being managed by the Iceberg Central Design Bureau based in St. Petersburg. This information is reported by Vedomosti.

Rosatom plans to receive the first icebreaker as early as 2028.

Rosatom previously clarified that the plans to order two more Project 22220 Arktika nuclear-powered icebreakers, as well as four diesel icebreakers for operation on the North Sea Route, are due to the increase in cargo traffic. The service lives of three nuclear-powered icebreakers from Atomflot—Taimyr, Vaigach and Yamal—are set to expire in 2029. These are expected to be replaced by five units of the new Project 22220 Arktika, the icebreaker Lider and the extended-operation icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy. However, these replacements will not be sufficient to service the North Sea Route, as explained by the company.


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