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New mechanisms for building social infrastructure will be used in the Arctic

The government has extended the current Single Subsidy programme in the Far East to regions in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

7 October 2022

This mechanism will now also be applied to the Arctic to qualitatively improve infrastructure and people's quality of life.

Corresponding amendments have been made to Russian Government Decree No. 254 of 14.03.2018, which regulates the rules for granting and distributing the Single Subsidy. The Arctic regions will draw up social development plans that provide for the modernisation of social infrastructure: construction, renovation and overhaul of hospitals, schools, kindergartens, cultural and leisure facilities, sports venues and other sites, as well as measures to improve the urban environment, renewal of public transport and other projects.

More than 1,700 social facilities—schools, hospitals, kindergartens, sports complexes and front yards—have already been built and reconstructed in the Far East under the Single Subsidy. A total of around 2,000 projects will be implemented by 2024. More than RUB 122 bn has been allocated for the creation and modernisation of social infrastructure in the FEFD since 2018 under this programme.

Aleksey Chekunkov, Minister for the Development of the Far East and Arctic, 'The Arctic subsidy will make it possible to build more new social and engineering infrastructure facilities that people need and demand and to accelerate their creation through the application of the Arctic Concession mechanism. This programme makes it possible to attract investment in social infrastructure today and then to pay for the already completed facilities from the budget gradually over a period of 7–15 years. Investments in the first 15 socially significant projects that can be implemented in the Arctic in the near future exceed RUB 75 bn.'


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