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NArFU Technopark to test drones in the Arctic

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the development of unmanned aviation one of the state's priorities.

12 July 2023

Joint projects on the creation and adaptation of unmanned aerial vehicles to the conditions of high latitudes are planned within the framework of partnerships between Russian Arctic and Engineering of the Future, two scientific and educational centres. According to RG, Marat Eseev, scientific director of the Arctic Research Centre, told about it as part of his report at the panel discussion 'Innovations in Industry' at the INNOPROM 2023 International Exhibition in Yekaterinburg.

In Arctic conditions, drones are designed to solve problems related to meteorological monitoring, survey of sea ice conditions and visual control of territories. In particular, the Northern (Arctic) Federal University is implementing a project to monitor forest reserves using UAVs, as well as dealing with fires and other emergencies.

Another demanded area, which is already being developed, is the delivery of various cargoes to remote settlements and solving the problem of northern supply. A special topic of the projects of the Russian Arctic Research Centre is water and marine uncrewed boats and vessels. 'Some of the new drone designs are already being tested by our operators on an expedition that recently travelled to the Arctic,' the researcher said.


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