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Murmansk Region to be the first in the nation to manufacture superfood from manure and dung

In the Murmansk Region, production of biotechnological products from manure, dung and fish waste will commence.

11 November 2023

A company in Murmansk, now a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, will establish Russia's first superfood production using organic materials such as manure, dung and fish waste. The Arctic Industrial and Production Technology Centre will receive an investment of RUB 300 mn and is set to commence operations in 2025. Komsomolskaya Pravda writes about it.

Grigory Safonov, a representative of the resident company, stated that proprietary technologies and innovative equipment will enable completely eco-friendly deep processing, resulting in a wide array of biotechnological products with enhanced quality features that are in steady demand domestically and internationally.

The end product can be used in various sectors, including as an active supplement in animal feed or as a superfood for individuals undertaking high-intensity tasks with significant physical and psychological stress, including those in severe environmental and climatic conditions or those undergoing or preparing for rehabilitation procedures.

'Hydrocoal and mineral substrates can be effectively used in agriculture, while a substance base containing amino acids, proteins and other beneficial substances can be used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Furthermore, we will be installing our equipment directly at Arctic industrial facilities, followed by ongoing technological customer support. It is planned to produce up to 12 tons of biologically active substances annually, with an additional 300 tons per year potentially produced by our equipment installed directly at the manufacturing sites,' stated the company.

Currently, there are no comparable production facilities in Russia.


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