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More than 1,000 tons of reindeer meat harvested in the Komi Republic

The harvesting campaign and herd inventories in Komi reindeer herding farms have been completed.

7 February 2023

By the beginning of this year, the number of reindeer in Komi agricultural organisations was 64,967—an increase of 4,209 heads compared to a year earlier. This is 70% of the total herd in the republic. The certified slaughterhouses of three companies were involved in harvesting venison: Severny LLC (Usinsk), PSK Olenevod (Vorkuta), Agrocomplex Inta Pripolyarnaya LLC and the specialised workshop of Inta's Abez LLC. This was reported by the Meat Expert.

The winter slaughter campaign was 123.6% complete. A total of 15,231 reindeer were received for processing. The resulting volume of meat in slaughter weight was 501 tons. Another 694 tons of reindeer meat in live weight were purchased from private reindeer herders.

The procurement of reindeer meat has intensified following the introduction of a new form of state support for reindeer herding farms. From June 2022, they will be paid at a rate of RUB 70 per kilogram in live weight or RUB 140 per kilogram in slaughter weight, rather than RUB 10 per kilogram as in previous years. To qualify for the subsidy, the purchase price must be at least RUB 160 and at least RUB 320 per kilogram, respectively. In 2022, a total of RUB 43.1 mn was allocated to Komi reindeer herders. 


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