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Labour Productivity Project in Polar Region to Generate 80 Million Rubles

The national project has engaged 15 major businesses.

1 August 2023

The economic impact of the Labour Productivity national project involving 15 businesses from the Murmansk Region exceeded 80 million rubles in 2022. Lean production tools have enabled work process optimisation and time reduction, as reported to TASS by the regional Ministry of Arctic Development and Economy.

It is worth noting that 15 major businesses in the Polar Region have participated in the national project. At the Murmansk Packaging Factory, process time was cut by 53%, output at the Severomorsk Dairy Plant increased by 57%, and unfinished production at Khlebopek JSC was reduced by 51%.

‘The first participant of the national project in the Murmansk Region, Olenegorsk Mechanical Plant, ranked among the top five Russian enterprises in the national project, showing the highest output increase, according to the annual rating of the Federal Center of Competences,’ added by the Ministry of the Arctic.

The Labour Productivity national project aims to cultivate a production culture, boost labour productivity at enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of Russian products and services. Over 5,000 Russian enterprises have already become part of the national project.


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