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Karelia Makes It to the Top Three of Russia's Most Successful Regions Involved in Arctic Hectare Programme

This was announced at the Arctic: Territory of Development Conference on Ensuring a Comfortable Urban Environment.

23 May 2022

The Arctic: Territory of Development Conference on Ensuring a Comfortable Urban Environment was held in Yakutsk on 23–25 May. According to the official Internet portal of the Republic of Karelia, the conference was attended by representatives of Arctic ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, large businesses, heads of regions of the Russian Arctic zone and leading experts.

"As of the end of May, agreements on the provision of a free hectare of land in the Arctic have already been signed with 217 applicants, and 80 agreements have been sent to the applicants for signing. Priority areas of use include individual housing construction, tourism and agricultural projects, as well as the simplified inclusion of forest fund lands into settlement territories", said the Minister of Property and Land Relations of the Republic of Karelia Yanina Svidskaya.

As much as 97% of the territories available for free use under the programme and included in the republican law No. 2588-ZRK dated 26 July 2021 are forest fund lands.

"Taking into account the opinion of the regions, the Republic of Karelia has decided to propose amendments to the Federal Law No. 119-FZ and simplifying the procedure for granting land plots in the Arctic. In addition, we will apply for federal funding for infrastructure development on land plots included in the Arctic Hectare programme,'' said Yanina Svidskaya.


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