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Funding for the state programme for the preservation and development of languages of the peoples of Yakutia will almost double

The Yakutian authorities will almost double funding for the state programme 'Preservation and development of state and official languages' in the region in 2023.

22 November 2022

The increase in funding from RUB 56 mn to RUB 100 mn is reported by Interfax, citing the head of Yakutia, Aysen Nikolayev.

According to him, in general, Yakutia's language policy has been implemented consistently and systematically, but new challenges need to be set in the context of new challenges.

'We keep the languages of the peoples of Yakutia alive in everyday life, in communication, in literature and art, in media space. We rightly note the demand for state and official languages. In the republic, children's rights to study in their native languages are ensured, and there is a high quality of study of the Russian language, which is common to all Yakutians,' Nikolayev said.

At the enlarged Council for Language Development, the head of Yakutia cited the development of the republic's legal framework for language policy as one of the key tasks. Nikolayev also considers it important to work on the training of teachers to teach in the native language.

As reported, a state programme 'Preservation and development of state and official languages in Yakutia for 2020–2024' has been developed and approved to enhance the role of state and official languages.


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