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Five new boilers built in remote settlements of Yamal thanks to investment programmes

In Yamal, 16 investment programmes are being implemented in the heat and power sector.

2 December 2022

Over the past seven years, this has enabled significant modernisation of energy facilities in the district's cities and towns. The Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area regional government's press service reported.

New boiler houses have been commissioned in the settlements of Muzhi and Gorki, Antipayuta, Gaz-Sale, Tarko-Sale and Krasnoselkup. In Noyabrsk, one block-modular boiler house, a central heating station and the main heating network 'NSGP boiler house KGVM-100' were built. The general boiler house in Gubkinsky and central heating unit No. 21 in the district capital were re-equipped, and diesel fuel storage tanks were installed in Purpe and Kharampur in the Purovsky district.

This year, the reconstruction of the boiler house at the fish plant in Tazovsky settlement, boiler house No. 6 in Salekhard and central heating unit No. 4 in Kharp were completed. In Noyabrsk, one district heating station and three boiler houses have been built. Reconstruction and modernisation of heat and water supply networks in Gubkinsky, Muravlenko, Noyabrsk and Salekhard have been completed.

Yamal power engineers are actively applying energy-saving technologies. For example, during the reconstruction of the city boiler house in Gubkinsky, gas burners were replaced with more economical ones. The emergency fuel tanks and emergency power supply are currently being replaced and the facade of the boiler house is being clad. The power company plans to fully complete the reconstruction of the boiler plant in 2023.

Next year, it is also planned to continue the construction of three central heating substations, boiler house No. 12 and technical re-equipment of boiler house No. 14 in Salekhard, reconstruction of boiler house No. 12 in micro-district 8 in Labytnangi, as well as the construction of a new boiler house in Novy Port. The construction of the central heating station, the technical upgrading of the boiler house and the sewage treatment plant in Muravlenko will be completed.


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