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First bulk carriers load Chukchi coal for shipment to China

Beringpromugol will deliver more than 1 million tons of solid fuels to the market in 2022.

14 June 2022

The first export batch of coal is currently being shipped from the Chukchi port of Beringovsky. It will be delivered to China by the bulk carriers New Pioneer and Admiral Schmidt. The supplier, Australia-based company Beringpromugol, will deliver more than 1 million tons of solid fuels to the market in 2022, according to the website of the Project Office for Arctic Development.

The ships have been at the port since the end of last week. The Panama-registered New Pioneer can hold 73,000 metric tons, and Admiral Schmidt, sailing under the flag of the Bahamas, can hold 100,000 metric tons.

"Coal is loaded by the raid method. It is hard to say how long the process will, it will depend on the weather and other conditions. After loading, the bulk carriers will go to China, as the coal is destined for consumers of this country," the Chukotka news agency quoted a source in the port of Beringovsky as saying.

Beringpromugol, a member of the Tigers Realm Coal Ltd partnership and a resident of the Chukotka Advanced Special Economic Zone, is developing the Fandyushkinskoe field in Anadyrsky District. In 2021, the company produced 1,127.08 thousand metric tons of solid fuel, and it work pace is increasing annually. Exports to Asia-Pacific powers opened in 2017.


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