Investment Portal of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

FEDC reported that every tenth investment project in the Arctic has been implemented

A total of 542 projects are being implemented there, almost a third of them in the Arkhangelsk Region.

1 December 2022

Residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation have already implemented every tenth investment project, with a total of 542 resident projects worth almost RUB 820 bn being implemented. Nikolay Zapryagaev, Director General of the Far East Development Corporation, told TASS on Thursday.

According to Zapryagaev, investors see potential in the Arctic in areas such as logistics, tourism and the restaurant business. He also noted that the Arkhangelsk Region is currently one of the leaders among the regions in implementing investment projects, with almost a third of investment projects in progress.

In turn, Aleksey Alsufyev, First Deputy Governor of the region and Chairman of the Arkhangelsk Region Government, added that more than 160 Arctic investment projects are planned to be implemented in the region. He noted that the total investment portfolio will amount to RUB 128 bn. There are also plans to create 6,500 jobs.

According to Alsufyev, to date, the amount of investment raised has already exceeded RUB 10 bn, 1,400 jobs have been created and 19 facilities have been commissioned in the region's Arctic regions over the past two years.


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