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Delivering Cargo to Remote Areas Using All-terrain Vehicles in Yakutia

Experts from the Melnikov Permafrost Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science and the North-Eastern Federal University noted that in 5 out of 6 key areas of the region, winter road operation is likely to be affected by rising air temperatures in the near future.

8 August 2023

In Yakutia, a pilot project has been launched for transporting passengers and cargo to remote areas using the all-terrain vehicle Burlak. Nikolay Nakhodkin, Chairman of the Council of the Yakutsk Regional Branch of the Russian Union of Rescuers, reported this to TASS.

‘We have agreed with the region's Ministry of Transport and Communications on a joint pilot project to test the Burlak all-terrain vehicles on routes from the Udachny city to the Olenek village (north-west of Yakutia) and from the Udachny city to the Eyik village. If the tests are successful, the Ministry of Transport of Yakutia will propose to the republic's leadership to establish a single passenger company that provides services for transporting passengers and cargo in remote areas of the republic,’ said Nikolay Nakhodkin.

Nikolay clarified that the team will also test the route Nakyn — Chukar (Nyurbinsky District) — Yakutsk. ‘This will be our first time traversing these routes during summer [time] under conditions of extensive wetlands,’ noted the agency's source.

Burlak all-terrain vehicles of various models are produced at a factory in Kurgan and used in Chukotka, Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Areas, Komi and Yakutia Republics, Krasnoyarsk and Zabaikalsky Territories, Sverdlovsk and Magadan Regions, and Antarctica. The vehicles have undergone a trial operation in EMERCOM of Russia, paramilitary forces and large extraction companies. 


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