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Biggest Wind Farm in Russian Arctic Finished Modernisation in Chukotka

The region's head predicts that Chukotka would use 70% clean energy by 2030.

26 October 2022

According to RusCable, which cites the Governor Roman Kopin's Telegram channel, updating the new wind farm will enhance energy output.

"The investment project to modernize the wind farm on Cape Observatsiyi, largest in the Russian Arctic, has been finished. This is a crucial step in the North's development of renewable energy sources. The investor, Stroyinvest-Energiya, is the first resident of the Chukotka ASEZ. Preferential treatment has helped lower operational expenses and free up money that can be used for development," the governor wrote.

He stated that the wind farm should raise its energy output to 3 GW*h per year, saving 320,000 cu.m of gas, or ca. 800 tonnes of coal. In Chukotka, the proportion of clean energy facilities to all energy sources presently surpasses 35%.


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