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All-season resort in Arkhangelsk Region to be built under "clear horizon" concept

The project will combine sports and culture in a single tourist cluster.

17 February 2023

The new all-season ski resort in the Arkhangelsk Region will be based on the "clear horizon" concept, which involves the use of single-story buildings that do not obscure the sky, the absence of hanging wires and the placement of houses on the slope in staggered order. This was reported to TASS on Friday by the press service of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation.

In addition to a ski slope, the resort will feature pistes, hotels and restaurants. In summer, guests will be able to go rafting and kayaking, hike in protected areas and ride mountain and quad bikes.

"We have arranged with partners to collaborate on guided tours and compile a diverse adventure menu for travellers. The final preparations for construction are currently underway. The project will combine sports and culture in a single tourist cluster, developing new points of attraction," added the press service.

The ski resort is being built by the Arkhangelsk-based entrepreneur Vyacheslav Rudalev. He has received the land for the resort for free as part of the Hectare programme. He also enjoys the tax preferences granted to new projects in the Arctic Zone of Russia. Rudalev has already received land plots at Krasnaya Gorka in Pomorie.


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