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A new mammoth to settle in the main museum of Yamal

The museum will exhibit the remains of the mammoth Tadibe, found in 2020 in the Seyakhinskaya tundra.

22 June 2022

The Thawed World is the future title for the Time of Mammoth hall, which will open in the Shemanovsky Museum-Exhibition Complex in Salekhard after re-exposition, where the world-famous exhibit mammoth Luba, Mongochen mammoth, woolly rhinoceros and other representatives of fossil fauna and flora are presented. Now there will be another prominent exhibit — the remains of the mammoth Tadibe, found in 2020 in the Seyakhinskaya tundra, according to the website of the YNAA government.

'The ancient nature of Yamal will be presented through the prism of the global evolution of the animal world and global climate change. There have been several glacial eras in the history of the Earth, followed by subsequent periods of warming. One of those warm periods we are experiencing right now is an increase in air temperature. These changes may contribute to an increase in the number of mammoth finds,' shared Eugenia Khozyainova, exhibition curator and head of the department of humanitarian research.

Scientists believe that only a clear understanding of what has been happening on the planet for the past few billion years will help to understand the current processes and predict future developments. Visitors to the Museum-Exhibition Complex will also be able to feel like researchers: the exhibition will provide complete information about the climatic cycles of the Earth and how, in accordance with them, life has changed and evolved on the planet — from the simplest organisms to the Homo sapiens.

The current exposition will be presented in a new modern design. A visual effect of 'thawing' mammoths and expanded multimedia and interactive content are now in the exhibition.

The Thawed World will open to visitors as early as the end of June.


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