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Beautiful nature and great slopes are key to the success of a new resort in Chukotka

1 november 2022

A tourist complex is being set up on Mount Mikhail, just seven kilometres from Anadyr. During the Soviet era, the military settled there—antenna shells as tall as a nine-storey house towered over the top of the mountain. Now the historic space will become a new attraction for tourists.

The official opening of the Mount Mikhail ski base took place on 29 October.

'This year's ski season runs from March to May. Skis and snowboards will be available for guests. There are plans to run a free shuttle bus here,' said Andrey Nagorny, Deputy Head of Technical Support and Operation of the Mount Mikhail base.

The base's administration expects it to host about 160 people a day during the season. This is far from the limit: the lift has a capacity of 700 people.

To ensure that all pistes are always in top condition, the new Formatic 350 and PistenBully 400 ParkPro ramps have already been purchased for Mount Mikhail. Professional equipment makes it possible to shape even the steepest of slopes.

The site of the base's main building used to be the technical building of a Soviet-era military unit. It was completely dismantled down to the piles and supports, and then reassembled with modern sandwich panels. The centrepiece of the 400-square-metre building is a spacious and warm lounge divided into several areas where you can rent sports equipment and change into changing rooms, and warm up in front of the fireplace or play table football and air hockey after your skiing session.

The new resort will also appeal to those who are not yet ready to take up skiing or snowboarding. You can relax in the great outdoors by renting an A-frame-style guesthouse. The triangular huts have everything you need for a comfortable holiday. And all around, the scenery is breathtaking. The observation deck offers mesmerising views of the endless tundra and Onemen Bay on the eastern shore of the Bering Sea. The nearby rock garden is also educational, with signs displaying the names of Chukchi plants all around. The luckiest visitors to the base will be treated to a spectacular and large-scale sky show—the northern lights.

Источник фото: ИА "Чукотка"/Данил Черкалин

The plan is to make Mount Mikhail an attractive space for Anadyr's citizens and visitors not only during the ski season but throughout the year as well. For this purpose, a number of educational workshops and board game tournaments will be held in specially equipped classrooms in the base's main building. For example, at the opening of Mount Mikhail base, guests of the complex could attend a media-intensive on the basics of social networking, take workshops on painting and making Chukchi pendants and take part in table football and air hockey tournaments.

The tourist complex is scheduled to be completed in 2023. A barbecue area, art objects and additional lifts for beginners and children will appear on Mount Mikhail.

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