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Marine Arctic Test Centre will be created in the Murmansk Region

5 july 2022

04.07.2022 // Rosgeologia signed a cooperation agreement with the government of the Murmansk Region at the last St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. One of its key areas will be the creation of the Marine Arctic Test Centre. Domestic equipment, which is aimed to replace imported ones, will be tested on this site.

'There is an appropriate decision that such centre should appear in the Murmansk Region. Now we proceed with its implementation having a clear understanding of the current circumstances, what we need first of all,' said Andrey Chibis, the Governor of the Murmansk Region.

At the Marine Arctic Test Centre, it is planned to test new technologies and equipment created by the largest geological exploration holding in Russia, with 100% of its shares owned by the state.

'Rosgeologia produces different types of equipment, including submersibles, and we need the capability to test them. We have such an opportunity in the Black Sea, but the Arctic region is very important for us,' explained Sergey Gorkov, General Director of Rosgeologia JSC.

The Murmansk Region is ideal for testing. The weather here is harsh and arctic, which means the equipment will be tested to pass endurance tests in the conditions of the real north. After stress-testing in the Kola Peninsula, the equipment that has withstood such an aggressive environment will undoubtedly function properly in any other Arctic region. The ice-free Kola Bay will allow the test centre to operate year-round and provide good economics for the project. According to Gorkov, the unique combination of the ice-free water area and proximity to the Arctic will ensure the demand for the new centre: 'this is in the interests not only of Rosgeologia but a number of companies.'

One of the most important tasks now is import substitution. 'Rosgeologia is already successfully moving in that direction. An illustrative example is the Bavenite expedition ship, which hosted a visiting meeting of the Murmansk Region governor with a delegation from Rosgeologia, during which it was decided to create a testing centre. Russia's only specialised geological and engineering drilling vessel in wells was built abroad in 1986, but more and more new equipment on it today is Russian-made. The latest arrival is the first offshore cementing facility made in Perm.

'We have conducted tests, the facility fully meets our requirements and allows us to perform new types of work required by our customers,' said Sergey Doronin, Director of the Offshore Exploration Department of Rosgeologia JSC.

Such equipment can be used not only for new deposits but also for the processing of the mining and metallurgical waste from the Soviet era.


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