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Yakutia releases an ABC Book application in the Yukaghir language

The application should increase the interest of Yukaghir youth in their native language, as well as making it easier for children to learn it.

10 February 2023

A Musical Merry ABC Book application in the Yukaghir language has been developed in Yakutia. The project was supported by the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives, reports the National Accent portal.

The author of the idea is the writer and artist Nikolay Kurilov. The primer uses the traditional tunes of the Yukaghir storyteller Ekaterina Tymkyl-Kurilova, performed by Anastasia Kurilova.

The Yukaghirs are an East Siberian people who belong to the aboriginal population of north-eastern Siberia. According to the 2021 census, 1,813 Yukaghirs live in Russia. Today there are two types of Yukaghir language - North Yukaghir, known as Tundra language, and South Yukaghir, known as Kolyma language. A number of researchers suggest that they are related to the Nivkh language, which belongs to the Nostratic macrofamily.

The writing of the Yukaghir languages was created in the 1970s by the linguist Gavril Nikolayevich Kurilov (Uluro Ardo), based on the graphemes of the Russian and Yakut alphabets. The Yukaghirs themselves had pictorial drawings until the early 20th century, which never developed into written language.


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