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Yakutia boosts coal production by more than a third

In January–September 2022, coal production in Yakutia increased by 35% year-on-year to 28.7 mn tons.

22 November 2022

Production growth was reported by Kolmar, ELSI, Yakutugol, Pravo-Kabaktinsky Razrez, STS-Ugol and Dolguchan, according to the current issue of EastRussia Bulletin.

It should be recalled that in September the project to develop the Syllakhskoe deposit of AntraciteInvestProject in the Neryungri district was launched (the first stage involves the production of 1 mn tons of coal per year, and the output is expected to increase to 6.5 mn tons by 2025). Meanwhile, Avdolyan's ELSI Group has asked the Russian government to increase its quota for exporting an additional 1.1 mn tons of coal. The company noted the need to increase supplies of coal from the Elginsky deposit to the east by 200,000 tons.

With the help of the increased quota, it is intended to raise additional revenue for the ELSI project to build the Pacific Railway (500 km) to export coal from Elga to the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk in Khabarovsk Territory (where the Elga port is to be built)—its first phase with a carrying capacity of 15 mn tons of coal is to be completed in November 2024 and the second phase with 30 mn tons is to be completed in November 2025. Investments in this project are estimated at RUB 146.6 bn.


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