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Within the framework of the State Commission for Arctic Development, a scientific and technical council to be created

This decision was made at the meeting on the use of scientific and technological reserves and human resources of universities and scientific organisations for the technology development in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, held under the leadership of Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District.

12 July 2022

'We want to see more participation of universities and scientific organisations in technological developments. Special attention should be paid to working together, supporting research and development and doing it faster with less bureaucracy, red tape and risk. In order to organise this work, we created a scientific and technical council within the framework of the State Commission for Arctic Development. It will operate on a declarative basis,' said Yury Trutnev.

The key objective of the council is to formulate a comprehensive research agenda that will provide a modern domestic technological base for the development of the Arctic zone. The participants of the council will be universities, scientific organisations, federal and regional executive authorities and companies interested in the implementation of projects in the Arctic.

The meeting participants discussed the existing Arctic agenda of the leading technological universities, their possible cooperation in the interests of Arctic research and the creation of technologies for the development of the North and other issues.

'Scientific research in the development of the Arctic zone is of particular importance to our country. There are at least two reasons for this. The first is the task set by the President to accelerate the development of the North Sea Route. The reversal of export potential from the West to the East led to a significant shortage of carrying capacity in the Eastern Range. The North Sea Route can unload the Eastern Range and take some of the cargo off it. This means delivering goods on time and sometimes more efficiently. The second reason is that sanctions imposed by unfriendly countries have led to the loss of important links in many technological chains related to the construction of ships, aircraft and the supply of mining equipment. The economic sustainability of Russia largely depends on how quickly and efficiently we recover these links and put the technological chains back together,' Yury Trutnev noted.

Prior to the meeting, the results of research and development by leading technical universities in the Arctic were presented to Yury Trutnev. These include the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology on the Arctic subject.


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