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Utrenniy LNG terminal to be built on tight schedule

According to Delovoy Petersburg, Hydrographic Enterprise, a subsidiary of the state-owned corporation Rosatom, and Mezhregiontruboprovodstroy JSC signed a state contract for the construction of the Utrenniy terminal of the Arctic LNG 2 project.

3 July 2020

The contractor will do the dredging, build ice barriers, navigation safety facilities and a border checkpoint. The work will cost RUB 95.7 billion.

'The construction of the terminal should be completed in 2022. Work will be carried out on a very tight schedule due to Arctic conditions. The period without ice navigation at the worksite is 60–70 calendar days per year', the Rosatom entity said.

It is expected that the construction of the Utrenniy terminal in Sabetta will increase the export of hydrocarbons. Planned volumes are 21.6 million tons per year as part of the development of the Salmanovsky (Utrenniy) gas condensate field.


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