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Unmanned cargo transportation launches in the Arctic

The vehicles carry cargo to the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field, located on the Gydan Peninsula in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area.

5 May 2023

Gazprom Neft has announced the launch of an unmanned cargo transportation project. Driverless KAMAZ trucks deliver cargo to the oil field along a 140-kilometre-long winter road. This is reported by the MNIAP.

The company believes that unmanned vehicles will improve field logistics efficiency and increase the supply of equipment and materials.

A satellite system controls truck navigation. The vehicles are equipped with sensors that build a digital road map, scan objects along the way, recognise obstacles at a distance of 200 m, as well as capture moving and static objects. The vehicles are operated using software developed in Russia.

The company stated that in addition to transportation, artificial intelligence is used in well design and drilling, equipment safety and permafrost monitoring, as well as in a number of other important tasks.


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