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Trutnev: more than 4,000 Arctic hectare applications received in 2 months

Over 4 thousand applications for the Arctic hectare were received in two months, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev reported in the Federation Council on Wednesday when speaking on the implementation of the Arctic Zone development strategy.

6 October 2021

He noted that the Far Eastern Hectare programme has been extended to the Arctic since 1 August 2021. "We were aware that there would not be a large number of applicants for a hectare in the Arctic. But this was done at the request of local residents. We received more than 4 thousand applications in two months", he said, according to Interfax.

The Trutnev's presentation to the Federation Council suggests that applications for Arctic hectares are mainly aimed at developing tourism.

Under the Children of the Arctic project, up to 100% of the voucher and 50% of round-trip ticket costs will be paid for children living in the Arctic zone from the federal budget, added the Deputy Prime Minister.

He also pointed out that Russia took over the chairmanship of the Arctic Council in May 2021.

"The Russian Chairmanship in 2021–2023 will proceed under the motto 'Responsible Governance for Sustainable Arctic'. The chairmanship will include 116 activities in all areas of Arctic development. The International Arctic Forum, to be held in St. Petersburg on 11–13 April 2022, will be the central event. Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is scheduled to participate in the Forum", stated Trutnev.


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