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Tourist flow to Norilsk has tripled in three years

Mayor Dmitry Karasev noted that the increase in traffic is linked to the launch of the Arctic Tourist and Recreational Cluster.

10 April 2023

Tourist flow in Norilsk by the end of 2022 exceeded 12,000 people, in 2019 this figure was 3,900 people, said Norilsk Mayor Dmitry Karasev at the Arctic Tourism Week Interregional Forum. The growth in tourist flow was also due to the launch of a tourism and recreational cluster in Norilsk and the Taimyr. At the same time, the mayor noted that tourist flow continues to grow. This is reported by TASS.

Norilsk is one of the most northern cities in the world. It is home to 180,000 people.

The increase in tourist flow was due, among other things, to the creation of the Arctic Tourist and Recreational Cluster in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The cluster brought together the polar settlements of Norilsk, Dudinka, Khatanga, Dikson, remote and small villages of the Taimyr Peninsula, the Putorana Plateau and the Arctic coast of the region. These territories are intended to develop a variety of types of tourism: cultural, event, industrial, ethnographic, ecological, cruising, adventure and extreme tourism.

'Arctic tourist and recreational cluster was formed which is very important for us <...> We develop it everywhere, we promote it, because it is a highlight of our territory, more and more people will soon learn about it, not only in Russia but also far abroad. And we are already seeing a large number of foreigners coming to visit the cluster, and with the development of tourism infrastructure, this flow will increase every year,' said the mayor.


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