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The Year of Ecology: specialised parking spaces are being built for Eco bus storage in Yamal

Yamal is creating facilities for the proper storage, maintenance, and safe operation of Eco vehicles.

8 December 2022

Special parking spaces for eco-friendly buses will appear in Labytnangi, Muravlenko and Noyabrsk. The structures will consist of sandwich panels and will be outfitted with all the necessary communications, a fire-extinguishing system and gas detectors. In case of a leak, the methane absorption system will automatically activate and release the gas outside, writes the press service of the Government of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area.

The use of natural gas as motor fuel is steadily picking up pace in Yamal. By the end of the year, the region will have 127 gas-powered buses, which is half of its public transport fleet.

In Labytnangi and Muravlenko, LPG filling stations will be installed at the premises of vehicle fleet operators. The stations are currently being assembled in St. Petersburg.

Labytnangi is preparing a site for the installation of LPG filling equipment. Its delivery is scheduled for the near future. Muravlenko will receive equipment for an LPG filling station in the first quarter of 2023. In Noyabrsk, the construction of an LPG filling station is nearing completion.


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