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The Russian Navy to Receive Icebreaker Yevpatiy Kolovrat in 2022

The ship is being built in Saint Petersburg at the Almaz Shipbuilding Company

6 November 2020

The most advanced icebreaker Yevpatiy Kolovrat (project 21180M) will become part of the Russian Navy in 2022, as reported by the information support service of the Main Command of the Navy.

'It is planned that the project 21180M Yevpatiy Kolovrat icebreaker, which is being built in Saint Petersburg at the Almaz Shipbuilding Company, will become part of the Navy in 2022. A number of innovative solutions have been introduced during the design and construction of this icebreaker,' the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov is quoted as saying.

At the shipyard, the necessary equipment is now being installed on the icebreaker. The Yevpatiy Kolovrat icebreaker will have a displacement of 4,000 tonnes, a length of 82 metres and a width of 19 metres. The icebreaker will be able to reach speeds of up to 14 knots. The ship will have a crew of 30 people, and it will be able to remain at sail for a month at a time between port calls. The vessel will be able to break ice 1 metre thick.


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